IHA Medical

IHAMedical.com is an informative website about the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) medical team that provides a variety of medical and environmental services to KSC. I just recently redesigned their website so it has a lot cleaner design, new content, and better marketability.

I started by redoing the layout of the page, I increased the width by at least 25% and changed the font size and styles to be easier to read. This allowed all of the pages to fit more content and become more usable because of less scrolling. The new banner images make it look a lot better also because each one fits perfectly with the theme of the corresponding page. The menu was improved greatly by adding a hover color. The contact page was fixed by removing the contact form and simply displaying the email address, I also added Google maps under the address.

There was also a lot of search engine optimization involved in the new design. Each page is now named correctly and includes meta descriptions and keywords to help drive traffic from search engines such as Google. There is a new IHA favicon that displays next to the title which I created.